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Institution Resource

Entity: institution

Attribute Name Type Description Endpoints
PRIORITY string Indicates the priority for which the service is invoked.
Valid Value: Provider Priority
GET institutions
id long Unique identifier for the provider site(e.g., financial institution sites, biller sites, lender sites, etc.). GET institutions
name string The name of a provider site. GET institutions
loginUrl string The login URL of the provider's site. GET institutions
baseUrl string The base URL of the provider's site. GET institutions
favicon string Favicon link of the provider.  GET institutions
logo string The logo link of the provider institution. The link will return the logo in SVG format. If SVG format is not available, the logo is returned in PNG format. GET institutions
languageISOCode string The language in which the provider details are provided. For example, a site supports two languages English and French. English being the primary language, the provider response will be provided in French depending on the user's locale. The language follows the two-letter ISO code. GET institutions
primaryLanguageISOCode string The primary language of the site. GET institutions
countryISOCode string The country the provider belongs to. GET institutions
lastModified dateTime Determines when the provider information was updated by Yodlee. If the customer caches the data, the cache is recommended to be refreshed based on this field.  GET institutions
isAddedByUser string It indicates that the site has been added by the user at least once. This attribute appears in the response only for SEARCH, and POPULAR priority. The valid values are true and false.  GET institutions
providerId long Unique identifier for the provider resource. This denotes the provider for which the provider account id is generated by the user. GET institutions

Enums: Provider Priority

Priority Description
POPULAR Popular providers.
COBRAND Yodlee supported providers.
SEARCH Providers matching the search text.

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