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Account Balance Resource

Entity: accountBalance

Attribute Name Type Description Endpoint
container  String The account's container, i.e., bank or investment.  GET accounts/latestBalances
accountId  String The account from which the transaction was made. This is basically the primary key of the account resource.  GET accounts/latestBalances
providerId String Identifier of the provider site. The primary key of provider resource. GET accounts/latestBalances
providerAccountId Long The primary key of the provider account resource. GET accounts/latestBalances
providerName String Service provider or institution name where the account originates. This belongs to the provider resource.  GET accounts/latestBalances
accountType String The type of account that is aggregated, such as savings, checking, charge, etc. GET accounts/latestBalances
accountNumber String The account number as it appears on the site. (The POST accounts service response returns this field as a number) GET accounts/latestBalances
accountName String The account name as it appears on the site. (The POST accounts service response return this field as name). GET accounts/latestBalances
balance Money The total bank account value, i.e., available balance or current balance. GET accounts/latestBalances
availableBalance Money The balance in the account that is available for spending. For checking accounts with overdrafts, the available balance may include an overdraft amount if the site adds an overdraft balance to the available balance. GET accounts/latestBalances
currentBalance Money The balance in the account that is available at the beginning of the business day; is equal to the account's ledger balance. GET accounts/latestBalances
totalBalance Money The total balance of all the investment accounts, as it appears on the FI site.
Note Applies only to the investment container.
GET accounts/latestBalances
cash Money The amount that is available for immediate withdrawal or the total amount available to purchase securities in a brokerage or investment account.
Note: The cash balance field applies only to brokerage-related accounts.
GET accounts/latestBalances
lastUpdated dateTime The date-time the account information was last retrieved from the provider site and updated in the Yodlee system.  GET accounts/latestBalances
refreshStatus String The status of the account balance refresh request.
Valid Value: Refresh Status
GET accounts/latestBalances
failedReason String The reason the account balance refresh failed.
Valid Value: Failed Reason
GET accounts/latestBalances

Enums: Refresh Status

Refresh Status Description
SUCCESS The consumer's account balance refresh is successful. 
IN_PROGRESS The IN_PROGRESS status is returned when the account refresh process is not completed within a period of 30 seconds (configurable). 
FAILED The consumer's account balance refresh has failed. 

Enums: Failed Reason

Failed Reason Description
REQUIRED_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE The account-related details are not available at the FI site.
USER_INPUT_REQUIRED User input is required for the site login. 
CREDENTIALS_UPDATE_NEEDED Login errors due to outdated credentials.
INCORRECT_CREDENTIALS Login errors due to incorrect credentials. 
USER_ACTION_NEEDED_AT_SITE All errors that need a user action at the site. Example- Accept T&C, etc.
ADDL_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED Additional MFA information is needed at the site.
INVALID_ADDL_INFO_PROVIDED Invalid MFA information provided by the user.
ACCOUNT_LOCKED Account locked at the end site.
SITE_NOT_SUPPORTED All errors where support is not available to complete the requested action.
SITE_BLOCKING_ERROR Yodlee's IP is blocked. 
TECH_ERROR A technical error has occurred.
UNEXPECTED_SITE_ERROR All errors related to site issues, such as the site being down for maintenance.
SITE_UNAVAILABLE Site is unavailable due to issues such as site being down for maintenance.
SITE_SESSION_INVALIDATED Errors related to multiple sessions or sessions terminated by the site. 
REQUEST_TIME_OUT The request has timed out.
CONSENT_EXPIRED The site has been informed to provide user consent for aggregation. 
CONSENT_REVOKED The site has informed that consent is revoked by the user for aggregation.
INCORRECT_OAUTH_TOKEN The site has informed us that the tokens provided are incorrect.
CONSENT_REQUIRED The site has informed us that user consent is required.
NEW_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED The site has requested an OAuth authentication.