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Latest Balance Status Notification

What is the Latest Balance Updates Event?

The latest balance updates event refers to notifications sent when the account balance refresh is performed using the GET /accounts/latestBalances API.
The notifications are sent when the balance refresh request is completed. The webhooks notification lets customers know if the refresh request is successful or has failed. It enables customers to fetch the updated balance using the GET /accounts/latestBalances API.

Event Payload Information

The following JSON payload will be sent to the callback URL, and the content type will be application/json:

Event Attributes Name Details
notificationId The unique identifier for the notification.
info The info attribute's value will be LATEST_BALANCE.COMPLETED for the account balance retrieval event.
loginName The loginName of the user.
providerAccountId The unique identifier for the provider account for which the account balance refresh is triggered.
accountId The unique identifier for the account for which the account balance refresh is triggered.
status Indicates the status of the latest account balance refresh request initiated for the account. Valid values are SUCCESS and FAILED.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the notifications be generated every time the GET latest Balance API is called?
    No, the notifications will only be generated when the GET /accounts/latestBalances API triggers a new refresh. A new refresh will only be triggered if the time between the previous refresh and the new request is more than the configured time interval (default is 15 minutes).

  • Will this notification be generated if the PUT provider account API initiates a refresh?
    No, this event is specific to the GET /accounts/latestBalances API and the notification will get generated only if the API initiates a refresh request.

  • Will I get a notification if the refresh is completed within the configured time interval?