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Challenge Deposit Status Notification

What is the Challenge Deposit Status Update Event?

The challenge deposit status update event refers to the notifications sent to customers when the user-initiated challenge deposit verification (CDV) process reaches various stages.

Notifications are sent to customers whenever there is a change in the CDV request status, i.e., INITIATED, DEPOSITED, SUCCESS, or FAILED. This webhooks notification lets customers know the stage the CDV process has reached, enabling them to fetch the additional details using the GET /verification endpoint.

Event Payload Information

The following JSON payload will be sent to the callback URL, and the content type will be application/json:

    "event": {
        "info": "CDV_STATUS_UPDATES",
        "notificationId": "8Du3iHWP0zS0NFramXKP2XgQdsQ=",
        "notificationTime": "2021-12-01T02:00:13Z",
        "loginName": "cd30",
        "data": {
            "providerAccountId": 11931950,
            "accountId": 14314603,
            "verificationId": 10063594,
            "verificationStatus": "FAILED",
            "reason": "EXPIRED"
Event Attributes Name Details
info The info attribute's value will be CDV_STATUS_UPDATES.
notificationId Unique identifier for the notification.
notificationTime The date and time when the notification was triggered.
loginName The login name of the user.
providerAccountId The unique identifier for the provider account for which the CDV process was initiated.
accountId The unique identifier for the account for which the CDV process was initiated.
verificationId Unique identifier for the verification request.
verificationStatus The status of the account verification. Valid values are INITIATED, DEPOSITED, SUCCESS, and FAILED.
reason The reason for the CDV process's failure. Valid values are DATA_MISMATCH, INSTRUCTION_GENERATION_ERROR, and EXPIRED.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you send webhooks for each user's retry attempt when they enter debit and credit amounts?
    No. The DATA_MISMATCH failed reason webhook is sent when the user has exhausted the remaining attempts to enter the correct value.