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Account opening

Integrating a firm's account opening process
to Envestnet's proposal for a
seamless experience. 

Connect your account opening platform
for end-to-end proposal management

Use Case

Mulitple Envestnet partners recently integrated their account opening platforms with Envestnet's proposal process, streamlining the end-to-end workflow.
Advisors are transitioned into the account opening platform after generating proposal documents.  The account opening platform is able to retrieve data via API.

How it works

1. Launch to the account opening platform.

After paperwork has been generated on an Envestnet proposal, the advisor launches the account opening(AO) platform. The launch triggers an single sign-on (SSO) of the advisor from Envestnet to the AO Platform.

2. Retrieve proposal data.

As part of the SSO request, Envestnet sends a proposal handle. This handle is used to retrieve proposal data via API. Multiple API calls can return risk, investment, client, and proposal details needed to populate key fields on the AO system.

3. Retrieve proposal documents

APIs provide access to all documents generated as part of the proposal process. If configured, the documents contain embedded e-signature tags. The documents can be downloaded from Envestnet and passed on to most of the popular e-signing systems.

4. Complete the proposal

Once the account has been opened, APIs can be used to place the proposal In Good Order(IGO) and provide the custodial account number to Envestnet.

5. Upload e-signed documents

Proposal documents which require signatures can be uploaded to Envestnet via API once they have been returned from the e-sign vendor.

Automating the proposal workflow

By integrating the proposal and account opening workflows, firms have made the experience more efficient for their advisors. These integrations eliminate duplicate effort and reduce errors, allowing advisors to focus on their client's needs.

A seamless advisor experience

Embedding a launch point, eliminating duplicate entry and supporting e-signature provides an efficient and seamless proposal experience for your advisors.

Have a discussion

Every journey begins with a single step.
The first step in this journey is to contact your Sales Rep to discuss using Envestnet APIs.