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Account Verification

Verify accounts and identity in real-time without the need
to provide micro-deposits or bank account numbers.

Instant Account Verification

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Linking Accounts, Simplified.

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Flexible and Scalable Account Verification

With more consumers using online banking services and accessing and moving their money digitally, the ability to manage account verification and authentication while reducing risk is critical. Account verification from Envestnet | Yodlee happens in real-time without providing micro-deposits or bank account numbers.

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Payment Enablement

Easily enable secure online payments and improve your users' experience while
reducing the fraud and fees usually associated with financial transactions.


Consumers expect immediate access to their money and transactions. You can make it happen by verifying account information improve the onboarding process.

This significantly reduces abandonment and increases success rates in the onboarding process.


A safe, secure, and quick way to instantly verify and connect accounts with reduced risk.

This aids lending institutions in avoiding time consuming account ownership validation processes and enables them to more rapidly provide loan disbursements into a borrowers account.


Verify the current balance of the source account prior to initiating a funds transfer to avoid delays and potentially costly nonsufficient funds (NSF) charges.

Alternatively, use Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification to facilitate setting up a funding account.

Reduce Fraud Risk with
Account Verification

Use account verification for ACH payments to increase onboarding speed while reducing the risk of fraud for you and your customers. The Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification solution utilizes our proprietary and patented technology to verify consumers’ accounts faster thereby reducing risk, transaction fraud, and consumer on-boarding friction.


Developer Quickstart

Fraud Verification

Build Verification Solutions

Understand your customers with a  safe, secure, and quick way to verify and connect accounts with reduced risk to instantly confirm that your users are the legitimate account owners. 

Instantly verify account ownership and available funds. ACH offers a secure and dynamic way to enable payments and reduce fraud, giving consumers and companies’ peace of mind.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Envestnet | Yodlee’s API is a huge win for our customer experience. It’s given us insight into what our investors are investing in and has helped us get in front of compliance issues for non-traditional assets. It’s given us a lot of comfort as a team knowing that we can take care of our customers.
Thomas Young
Co-Founder & CMO
Domuso Online Certified payments is a digital alternative to paper money orders and cashier checks, and it’s access to Envestnet | Yodlee data that allows us to guarantee that payment.
Michael Lightfoot
COO, Domuso
Fraud charge offs from the deposit side of the house peaked in May 2018, and by the end of December we had reduced losses by 90%. A driving force of this loss reduction was the implementation of Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification.
Justin Davis
CFE Fraud & BSA Manager Digital Federal Credit Union
As a startup, it would be impossible to achieve what our customers require of us out of the box — seamless account aggregation to 20,000 global data sources in a secure, robust, easily-implemented API.
Evin Ollinger
Golden Founder

Regional Support

Verify accounts against the largest supported collection of financial institutions in the industry.

United States

Confirm account access for the ACH payment account setup by retrieving full account number, routing number, and holder name(s).


Confirm account access for EFT payments by retrieving full account number, transit number, and holder name(s).

United Kingdom

Verify account ownership and enable faster payments by retrieving full account number, SORT code, and holder name(s).


Verify account ownership and enable faster payments by retrieving full account number, BSB numbers, and holder name(s).

Flag of New Zealand

New Zealand

Verify account ownership and enable faster payments by retrieving the full account number, including the Bank prefix and branch code, and holder name(s).

Flag of India


Verify account ownership by retrieving full account number, IFSC code, and holder name.

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