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Demo environment to
explore APIs and data

Test for free

Instant access

5 predefined test users

Accounts and transactions

Sandbox environment

Sample code and documentation

Explore data structures quickly

Start building and
testing your product

Get to market quickly

Access to real data within hours of applying

Access for 90 days

Access to 17K+ sites globally

100 free activities per month

Includes standard features for Account Aggregation and Account Verification

Scale your product and services with unlimited access

Cost-efficient pricing tiers

Custom integration support available

Fully scalable infrastructure

24/7 enterprise support model

Unlimited activities

Premium features available, such as documents, Credit Accelerator, micro-entries, etc.

1 end user is counted as 1 activity each 30 days, and can link unlimited accounts. The data passed in a response can include holdings, statements, and transactions.

Each account verification request to Yodlee is 1 activity.  A verification request can be followed by a balance refresh request in subsequent days.  The first 100 balance refresh requests in each billing period are included at no additional cost.

Example  My developer account links 31 end users, who between them have a total of 73 accounts. This comprises 31 activities. If I also verify 15 accounts during the billing period, that comprises a further 15 activities for a total of 46 activities.

Example  What if I am a Engage Tier user that needs to use test data to evaluate API functionality using the Dummy Account Generator (DAG)? Will my activities count against the 100 / 1000 activity limit for Launch and Grow Tier respectively? No DAG account usage does not count towards the limits, feel free to utilize your test accounts.