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Client portal integration

Integrate with Tamarac’s client and account records for real-time information.

Display real-time information for your clients'
Tamarac accounts on your platform

Use Case

A firm is building an end investor portal, and would like to be able to display balances for all the client’s accounts. The firm would retrieve client and account information from the Tamarac APIs, and display it along with the client’s banking accounts. 

How it works

1. Retrieve client data

Tamarac APIs provide the ability to return data for single or multiple clients. Additionally, all clients for a firm can be retrieved, saved by an advisor’s enterprise, and matched to client records from other sources.

2. Retrieve household data

In instances where retrieving household information is more appropriate than for a single client, the household API can be utilized.

3. Retrieve account data

Balances, positions, and performance information can be retrieved for either clients or households. All data is real-time, so clients see exactly what is in Tamarac.

4. SSO into Tamarac

For end investors that have access to Tamarac, who are looking for more functionality, a single sign-on can be implemented on the firms end investor portal. These clients will launch into Tamarac without needing to use additional credentials.

Expanding your brand

By making their end investor portal the starting point for each customers experience, the firm is able build a stronger brand with their customers, and provide a comprehensive overview of their complete financial picture.

Data when you need it

Pulling real-time data to populate your applications enhances your clients' experience.

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