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Open Banking allows users/consumers to share their account information about their payment accounts (current account, credit cards, and certain savings) with authorised third parties, including Yodlee.


Users can search for over 100 payment account providers in the UK.


Users can provide explicit consent to the data we collect and share with your application.


Users can manage the accounts and data they have consented to.

How It Works

Yodlee’s FastLink application manages all aspects of Open Banking connections, including redirection of the user to authorise and consent to data sharing and support of both Open Banking-enabled sites and legacy credential-based sites in the same user experience.

Search account providers

Users can search for their payment account providers using the full or partial name.

Provide consent

Users can provide their consent to collect and share their account information data with your application.

Select accounts

Users are redirected to their payment account provider to select and authorise the accounts they wish to share.

Manage consent

Users can manage the accounts they have provided consent for using the consent dashboard.

Getting Started

Step 1: Register your account

Sign up for a Yodlee Developer account and be on the Launch pricing tier or above.

Step 2: Select your Open Banking model

There are two models available to allow your users to connect and share their account information with your application:

  • Registered AISP
    If you have your own FCA AISP license, you will be able to upload your OBWAC and OBSEAL certificates to connect to payment account providers.
  • Yodlee AISP service
    If you don’t have your license, you can apply to use Envestnet | Yodlee’s extended AISP license service. Once you apply, an Envestnet | Yodlee representative will guide you through the eligibility process.

For more information, access the help content by clicking the Need help configuring your products? link in the FastLink Configuration Tool.