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Financial Insights

Provide personalized, timely, and actionable advice to your users using our
data-driven insights. Take the next step towards helping your users live
an intelligent financial life.

Increase User Engagement & Revenue









Data Sources

An Insight for Every Use Case

Engage your users with insights around projected income/spending, bills and subscriptions, spending trends, and more with our ever-expanding Insights library.


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Built With Developers in Mind

The insights APIs are built ground up with developers in mind.
Easily create flexible and engaging experiences that align with your brand identity.


Use our RESTful APIs to build an engaging insights experience. Our intuitive APIs allow you to set default preferences, fetch the latest insights, or even request insights evaluation on-demand.


Insights come with RESTful APIs, YAML, Postman collection, and exhaustive documentation to help you quickly build the best possible experience for your customers.


The insights product can quickly scale to handle insights generated by hundreds of millions of users. Onboard new users with confidence.

Your Users vs Their Peers

Let your users compare their spending to their peers. Envestnet | Yodlee’s unique peer benchmarking capabilities derive data from millions of data points to provide accurate peer comparison data for your users.


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