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Peer Benchmarking

Help your users make smarter money choices by comparing their spending to their peers.

Increase User Engagement & Revenue









Data Sources

Use Cases

Elevate the financial insights delivered to your users by helping them compare their spending anonymously with their peers
spending. Using Envestnet | Yodlee's proprietary data models, provide peer benchmarks across segmentation
parameters such as income range, geolocation, homeownership, and the life stage of the user.


Provide users a peer comparison of their spending and saving pattern across categories and merchants with other peers who share a similar income range, geolocation, homeownership, and life stage as the user.


Influence user actions by offering data relative to their peers. Users who see they overspend in a category are often motivated to budget and reduce spending. For example, adjust a budgeted amount for a category based on peer spending.


Offer personalized products to users based on the relative spending patterns in a specific category or merchant. For example, target users with comparatively high spending on travel and offer them products like co-branded credit cards.