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Credit Accelerator

Leverage alternative lending data to create competitive offers,
minimize risk, and increase loan completions.

Full Financial View



Many lenders lack confidence in traditional credit reporting sources

75% of lenders believe that traditional credit data and scores don't deliver the complete picture of a consumer’s creditworthiness. 1

59% of lenders have turned to using forms of alternative data in their underwriting process. 1

Empower lending with robust analysis.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Integrate with Credit Accelerator so your user can add and link their financial accounts.

  2. Your user grants permission and links their financial accounts.

  3. You receive a holistic file via a PDF or data extract format.

Credit Accelerator example report

Key benefits

• A more holistic view of each applicant based on user selected data.

• Up-to-date account information for quicker, deeper visibility and better risk decisions.

• Uncover new credit-worthy consumers with insights not available with traditional credit reporting sources.

Linking Accounts, Simplified.

Fastlink Demo  Configuration Tool Demo

Fastlink on mobile device








Data Sources




Credit & Lending

With Envestnet | Yodlee's proven technology, banks and FinTechs can quickly aggregate, categorize,
and display consumer income and expense analysis for faster more accurate lending decisions.


Get an accurate view of an applicant’s financial position from aggregated account data.


Digital data retrieval and analysis reduce manual errors, cut operational costs, and reduce decision times.


Income and expense summaries for responsible lending decisions.


Current financial account data is aggregated and analyzed for an up-to-date view.


Income, expenses, and transfers are categorized and enriched for deep and clear insights.


Envestnet D&A combines local and global expertise, with over 20 years globally.

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