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Know where they stand

Using Envestnet | MoneyGuide’s APIs, a firm can display the results of a client’s financial plan results on the client portal. A firm can build a feature allowing the client to “play” with certain factors of the plan and see the impact of any changes instantly. This provides the client with the ability to stay engaged with their complete financial picture all in one place.

Integrate Envestnet|MoneyGuide capabilities
to keep clients engaged

Use Case

A firm and Envestnet |MoneyGuide partnered together to build new features in their client portal. The goal for the firm was to increase client portal usages so results of their financial plan were displayed on the client’s dashboard. In addition to the display, the firm built a feature leveraging Envestnet |MoneyGuide APIs that allow the client to “play” with their plan.

How it works

1. Client Log In

When the client logs into their portal, the firm sends information to Envestnet MoneyGuide to retrieve the results of their financial plan via the Monte Carlo API. As part of this call, Envestnet | MoneyGuide retrieves the latest account information from the firm and calculate the results of the plan.

2. Display of Results

Envestnet MoneyGuide responds back to the firm with the latest results to display on the dashboard.

3. Ability to See Impact of Changes

The firm provides a link / button for the client to “play” with their plan. When clicked, the firm calls the Play Zone® API and receives information relative to the plan to display for their interface.

4. Client Interacts with their Plan

As the client makes changes to their plan, the firm sends the information to Envestnet |MoneyGuide and responds with new results.

Increase Client Engagement

The firm provides one place for their clients to stay engaged with their financial plans and their investments. They are able to track the number of clients who “play” with their plan and are able to notify their advisors.

A sense of control

Allow your clients to regularly run "what-if" scenarios and track their progress towards their goals.

Have a discussion

Every journey begins with a single step.
The first step in this journey is to contact your Sales Rep to discuss using Envestnet | MoneyGuide APIs.