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Refresh Policy

Scheduled Automatic Refresh

Once accounts are added, Yodlee keeps them up to date by running a nightly cache refresh job that refreshes the account on behalf of the user.  Yodlee uses internal tools to manage the cache run process intelligently. These tools allow the time and frequency of account updates to be controlled based on consumer activity, account type, and error codes.

Intelligent refreshing benefits Yodlee, Yodlee’s customers, and content providers by:

  1. Providing the most up-to-date data to the most active users.
  2. Uniformly distributing load to Yodlee content providers, eliminating refresh spikes that can cause instability or capacity issues.
  3. Enabling Yodlee to control refresh infrastructure volumes throughout the course of a day.

The high-level cache run management policy is described briefly in the following sections.

Refresh Scheduling Policy

  • The cache run starts daily at 10 AM PDT and ends the following day at 5 AM PDT (19-hour window).
  • The cache run volumes increase throughout the day as user volumes decrease.
  • The peak window for the cache run is 9 PM to 4 AM, which is the low usage window.
  • There is no cache run from 5 AM to 10 AM PDT, as this is the peak usage period for nearly all customers.

Refresh Frequency Policy

  • Frequently changing finance accounts (bank, card, investments) are refreshed daily for 0-30 day active users.
  • Frequently changing finance accounts are refreshed every three days for 30-45 day active users and weekly for 45-90 day active users.
  • Low-frequency finance accounts (loan, mortgage, insurance, bills) and non-finance accounts (rewards, email) are refreshed weekly for 0-30 day active users.
  • Low-frequency finance and non-finance accounts are refreshed every two weeks for 30-90 day active users.
  • Refreshes are stopped for users inactive for over 90 days.
  • If a user is inactive for over 90 days, then the user needs to refresh the account once from the application for cache/nightly refresh to start working.