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Cobrand Resource

Entity: cobrand

Attribute Name Type Description Endpoints
locale string The locale of the customer which will be considered for the localization functionalities. POST cobrand/login
cobrandId long Unique identifier of the cobrand in the system. POST cobrand/login
applicationId string The application identifier. POST cobrand/login
session entity Information on session. POST cobrand/login
keyAlias string The key name used for encryption. GET cobrand/publicKey
keyAsPemString string The public key that the customer should use to encrypt the credentials and answers before sending it to the add and update providerAccounts calls. GET cobrand/publicKey
event entity Notification events that customers could subscribe for. GET cobrand/config/notifications/events

Entity: event

Attribute Name Type Description Endpoints
callbackUrl string URL to which the notification should be posted. GET cobrand/config/notifications/events
name string Name of the event for which the customers must subscribe to receive notifications. GET cobrand/config/notifications/events

Entity: session

Attribute Name Type Description Endpoints
cobSession string Session provided for a valid customer to access other API services upon successful authentication. POST cobrand/login

Enums: Notification Events Name

Name Description
REFRESH Events that happen during add, edit, and update aggregated accounts processes.
DATA_UPDATES Data updates that happen on provider accounts, accounts, transactions and holdings data due to user actions or auto-updates. This event is triggered to help the customer perform data extracts from the Yodlee system to their system.