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Best Practices

Do not base business logic on message strings

Do not code business logic based on the message strings.
Example: Error Messages - The messages are for information and may be enhanced or fine-tuned for better understanding.

Configuring implicit and on-demand datasets

Ensure that you have the right set of datasets configured as implicit. Datasets that are demanded (i.e., on-demand) during the request must also be configured. Please work with our sales and customer service teams to configure the datasets as implicit or on-demand during the integration phase.

Know the datasets supported by your provider

The GET-provider/{providerId} API service lets you know what datasets are available for a provider. If you want to pass datasets explicitly, provide only the datasets supported by your provider to FastLink.

Know the dataset additional status field

The dataset.additionalStatus field in the providerAccount API services response gives detailed information on why the link accounts failed after closing the FastLink application. You have to refer to the list of dataset.additionalStatus values in the data model page and design the user experience on your application.

MFA Error Handling
  • When the user logs into your application, check for the following error cases, and push notification in your application if any of them occur:
    • Invalid MFA information provided
    • New MFA information required
  • Indicate the user to answer all unanswered questions
  • Implement the following flow in your application to correct the MFA error and refresh accounts:
Best Practices Flow Chart