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Getting Started

Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Insights APIs provide personalized and actionable insights to your end-users. The APIs allow complete control - you can easily configure things like which insights your users receive, how often they receive insights, and what kinds of activity trigger insights. The APIs allow users to customize insights further by overriding default settings with personal preferences for each insight. This guide will give the details on how to get started with using the Financial Insights APIs.

Begin Using Insights

To work with our Insights products, please contact our Sales team. 

Contact Sales


Account Aggregation

The primary method of using Insights starts by connecting customers' accounts to provide a consolidated view of their financial portfolio. To learn more about using our Account Aggregation technology, please visit our Account Aggregation Documents.

Account Aggregation Documentation

Predicted Cash Flow

Predicted Cash Flow is required for some, but not all, Insights to function.  To learn more about using our Predicted Cash Flow APIs, please visit our Predicted Cash Flow Documentation.

Predicted Cash Flow Documentation