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Data Extracts 

Use data extracts to receive nightly updates of your information on our platform.

More analysis with data-driven insights

Standard data extracts automated for easier management, ready for many data analysis use cases.



Standard extracts




Daily export jobs


Daily extracts

When large data sets are required

Nightly data extracts provide the solution.


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How it works

From setup to receipt, Data extracts provide a secure mechanism to transfer large data sets between systems.


Easy Setup

  • Configured by Envestnet Tech Support.
  • Provides filtering.
  • Over 20 standard extracts available


Nightly transmission

  • Extract jobs run after custodial updates complete.
  • Extract files provided on a secure FTP site
  • Extracts can be delivered to a client's secure FTP site


PGP encryption

  • Industry standard encryption to protect data at rest.
  • Added measure of security that works in tandem with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Unique decryption key for every service provider